Scientific publications

Ciro scientists maintain ongoing research to provide the best treatments for our patients. You can find an overview of publications in scientific journals and professional magazines below.

Analysis of retinal blood vessel diameters in patients with COPD undergoing a pulmonary rehabilitation program

Vaes AW, Spruit MA, Goswami N, Theunis J, Franssen FME, De Boever P

Severe fatigue in long COVID: follow-up study in members of online long COVID support groups

Van Herck M, Goërtz YMJ, Houben-Wilke S, Machado FVC, Meys R, Delbressine JM, Vaes AW, Burtin C, Posthuma R, Franssen FME, Hajian B, Vijlbrief H, Spies Y, van 't Hul AJ, Janssen DJA, Spruit MA

Objectively Measured Physical Activity in Patients with COPD: Recommendations from an International Task Force on Physical Activity

Demeyer H, Mohan D, Burtin C, Vaes A, Heasley M, Bowler R, Casaburi R, Cooper CB, Corriol-Rohou S, Frei A, Hamilton A, Hopkinson NS, Karlsson N, Man WD, Moy ML, Pitta F, Polkey MI, Puhan M, Rennard SI, Rochester CL, Rossiter HB, Sciurba F, Singh S, Tal-Singer R, Vogiatzis I, Watz H, Lummel RV, Wyatt J, Merrill DD, Spruit MA, Garcia-Aymerich J, Troosters T; COPD Biomarker Qualification Consortium (CBQC) Task Force on Physical Activity

Efficacy and safety of a 12-week outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation program in Post-PE Syndrome

Boon GJAM, Janssen SMJ, Barco S, Bogaard HJ, Ghanima W, Kroft LJM, Meijboom LJ, Ninaber MK, Nossent EJ, Spruit MA, Symersky P, Vliegen HW, Noordegraaf AV, Huisman MV, Siegerink B, Abbink JJ, Klok FA

Telemonitoring of daily activities compared to the six-minute walk test further completes the puzzle of oximetry-guided interventions

Santos CD, Santos AF, das Neves RC, Ribeiro RM, Rodrigues F, Caneiras C, Spruit MA, Bárbara C

Dual-Energy Computed Tomography Compared to Lung Perfusion Scintigraphy to Assess Pulmonary Perfusion in Patients Screened for Endoscopic Lung Volume Reduction

Gietema HA, Walraven KHM, Posthuma R, Mitea C, Slebos DJ, Vanfleteren LEGW

Employment Status, Readmission and Mortality After Acute Exacerbation of COPD

Jacobsen PA, Kragholm KH, Torp-Pedersen C, Janssen DJA, Spruit MA, Weinreich UM

Alterations in plasma hyaluronic acid in patients with clinically stable COPD versus (non)smoking controls

Waeijen-Smit K, Reynaert NL, Beijers RJHCG, Houben-Wilke S, Simons SO, Spruit MA, Franssen FME

Carnosine, oxidative and carbonyl stress, antioxidants and muscle fiber characteristics of quadriceps muscle of patients with COPD

De Brandt J, Burtin C, Pomiès P, Vandenabeele F, Verboven K, Aumann J, Blancquaert L, Everaert I, Van Ryckeghem L, Cops J, Hayot M, Spruit MA, Derave W

Pulmonary rehabilitation outcomes in individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a systematic review

Souto-Miranda S, Rodrigues G, Spruit MA, Marques A