Scientific publications

Ciro scientists maintain ongoing research to provide the best treatments for our patients. You can find an overview of publications in scientific journals and professional magazines below.

One-year Outcomes of Mechanically Ventilated COVID-19 ICU Survivors: A Prospective Cohort Study

Bels JLM, van Gassel RJJ, Timmerman L, Hemmen B, van de Poll MCG, Peters NHGM, Spruit MA, van Santen S, Gietema HA, Posthuma R

ERS International Congress 2021: highlights from the Respiratory Clinical Care and Physiology Assembly

Gille T, Sivapalan P, Kaltsakas G, Kolekar SB, Armstrong M, Tuffnell R, Evans RA, Vagheggini G, Degani-Costa LH, Vicente C, Das N, Poberezhets V, Rolland-Debord C, Bayat S, Vogiatzis I, Franssen FME, Pinnock H, Vanfleteren LEGW

Cut-off of the one-minute sit-to-stand test to detect functional impairment in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Souto-Miranda S, Antão J, Rodrigues G, Mendes MA, Spruit MA, Marques A

Interprofessional collaboration in palliative dementia care through the eyes of informal caregivers

Khemai C, Meijers JM, Mujezinovic I, Bolt SR, Pieters S, Moser A, Schols JMGA, Janssen DJA

Machine Learning Model for Classification of Predominantly Allergic and Non-Allergic Asthma among Pre-school Children with Asthma Hospitalization

Bhardwaj P, Tyagi A, Tyagi S, Antão J, Deng Q

Differential Outcomes Following 4 Weeks of Aclidinium/Formoterol in Patients with COPD: A Reanalysis of the ACTIVATE Study

Koopman M, Franssen FME, Gaffron S, Watz H, Troosters T, Garcia-Aymerich J, Paggiaro P, Molins E, Moya M, van Burk L, Maier D, Garcia Gil E, Wouters EFM, Vanfleteren LEGW, Spruit MA

The Impact of Long COVID-19 on Mental Health: Observational 6-Month Follow-Up Study

Houben-Wilke S, Goërtz YM, Delbressine JM, Vaes AW, Meys R, Machado FV, van Herck M, Burtin C, Posthuma R, Franssen FM, Vijlbrief H, Spies Y, van 't Hul AJ, Spruit MA, Janssen DJ

The Surprise Question in Older Hospitalized Patients: To Use or Not to Use?

Theunissen M, Magdelijns FJH, Janssen DJA, Naaktgeboren MW, Courtens A, van Kuijk SMJ, van den Beuken-van Everdingen M

Restricted spirometry and cardiometabolic comorbidities: results from the international population based BOLD study

Kulbacka-Ortiz K, Triest FJJ, Franssen FME, Wouters EFM, Studnicka M, Vollmer WM, Lamprecht B, Burney PGJ, Amaral AFS, Vanfleteren LEGW

Multidimensional outcome assessment of pulmonary rehabilitation in traits-based clusters of COPD patients

Augustin IML, Franssen FME, Houben-Wilke S, Janssen DJA, Gaffron S, Pennings HJ, Smeenk FWJM, Pieters WR, Hoogerwerf A, Michels AJ, van Merode F, Wouters EFM, Spruit MA