Scientific publications

Ciro scientists maintain ongoing research to provide the best treatments for our patients. You can find an overview of publications in scientific journals and professional magazines below.

Nordic walking improves daily physical activities in COPD: A randomised controlled trial

 Breyer, M.-K., Breyer-Kohansal, R., Funk, G.C., Dornhofer, N., Spruit, M.A., Wouters, E.F.M., Burghuber, O.C., and Hartl, S

Gender differences in the adipose secretome system in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): A pivotal role of leptin

Breyer MK, Rutten EP, Vernooy JH, Spruit MA, Dentener MA, van der Kallen C, Vangreevenbroek MM, Wouters EF

Increased postabsorptive and exercise-induced whole-body glucose production in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Franssen FM, Sauerwein HP, Ackermans MT, Rutten EP, Wouters EF, Schols AM

End-of-life care in a COPD patient awaiting lung transplantation: a case report

 Janssen, D.J.A, Spruit, M.A., Does, J.D, Schols, J.M.G.A., and Wouters, E.F.M.

Whole-Body versus Local DXA-Scan for the Diagnosis of Osteoporosis in COPD Patients

Graat-Verboom L, Spruit MA, van den Borne BE, Smeenk FW, Wouters EF

Reproducibility of 6-minute walking test in patients with COPD

Hernandes NA, Wouters EF, Meijer K, Annegarn J, Pitta F, Spruit MA

Toward patient-tailored education in COPD

Janssen, D.J.A., Engelberg, R.A., Curtis, J.R.

Abdominal fat mass contributes to systemic inflammation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Rutten, E.P.A., Breyer, M.K., Spruit, M.A., Hofstra, T., Van Melick, P.P.M.J., Schols, A.M.J.W., and Wouters, E.F.M.

Essential amino acids to treat sarcopenia in patients with COPD?

Rutten, E.P.A., and Spruit, M.A

Critical view on diagnosing muscle wasting by single frequency bio-electrical impedance in COPD

Rutten, E.P.A., Spruit, M.A., and Wouters E.F.M.