This year we celebrated the twelved edition of the Ciro Artwalk. For three months — from 16 June to 16 September — visitors could go on this unique walk and enjoyed art as they stroll. The accessible route is free and draws hundreds of visitors to Horn every year.


A wider perspective

The Ciro Artwalk was developed based on the idea that creativity is the foundation of a full life. With this wider perspective, traditional methods can be reimagined into new ways that make a real difference. Much the same as how Ciro wants to make a difference with the specialised treatments for patients with very severe pulmonary and heart disease.


Walk where art, nature and care meet

The entire collection of Ciro Artwalk pieces in the forest environment gives visitors a unique experience for all the senses. The images stimulate a variety of emotions — from the confrontational to the whimsical — which also allows people room to explore their own imaginations. The Artwalk creates a sense of calm and relaxation and stimulates meaningful conversations. These are just two ways that Ciro patients can experience relief during a heavy rehabilitation program.