Binnen Ciro doen wetenschappers onderzoek voor de beste behandelingen voor onze patiënten. Hieronder vindt u een overzicht van publicaties in wetenschappelijke tijdschriften en vakbladen voor professionals.

Core outcome set for pulmonary rehabilitation of patients with COPD: results of a modified Delphi survey

Souto-Miranda S, Saraiva I, Spruit MA, Marques A

Should opioids be used for breathlessness and in whom? A PRO and CON debate of the evidence

Ekström M, Janssen DJA

Standardised Exercise Prescription for Patients with Chronic Coronary Syndrome and/or Heart Failure: A Consensus Statement from the EXPERT Working Group

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Prevalence of dyspnea in general adult populations: A systematic review and meta-analysis

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Icenticaftor, a CFTR Potentiator, in COPD: A Multicenter, Parallel-Group, Double-Blind Clinical Trial

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ERS International Congress 2022: highlights from the Respiratory Clinical Care and Physiology Assembly

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Implementing an Evidence-Based COPD Hospital Discharge Protocol: A Narrative Review and Expert Recommendations

Miravitlles M, Bhutani M, Hurst JR, Franssen FME, van Boven JFM, Khoo EM, Zhang J, Brunton S, Stolz D, Winders T, Asai K, Scullion JE

Symptoms and quality of life before, during, and after a SARS-CoV-2 PCR positive or negative test: data from Lifelines

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Appropriate exercise prescription in primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease: why this skill remains to be improved among clinicians and healthcare professionals. A call for action from the EXPERT Network

Hansen D, Coninx K, Beckers P, Cornelissen V, Kouidi E, Neunhauserer D, Niebauer J, Spruit MA, Takken T, Dendale P; EXPERT Network working group

Baseline dependent minimally important differences for clinical outcomes of pulmonary rehabilitation in people with COPD

Jenkins AR, Groenen MTJ, Vaes AW, Janssen DJA, Wouters EFM, Franssen FME, Spruit MA