Binnen Ciro doen wetenschappers onderzoek voor de beste behandelingen voor onze patiënten. Hieronder vindt u een overzicht van publicaties in wetenschappelijke tijdschriften en vakbladen voor professionals.

On behalf of the COSMIC (COPD and Seretide: a Multi-Center Intervention and Characterization) study group. Systemic inflammation in COPD

Breyer, M.-K., Rutten, E.P.A., Spruit, M.A., Hop, W.C.J., Postma, D., and Wouters, E.F.M

Correlations between disease-specific and generic health status questionnaires in patients with advanced COPD: a one-year observational study

Wilke, S., Janssen, D.J.A., Wouters, E.F.M., Schols, J.M.G.A., Franssen, F.M.E., and Spruit, M.A

Clinical Year in Review I: Quality improvement for pulmonary and critical care medicine, lung transplantation, rehabilitation for pulmonary and critically ill patients, and sleep medicine

Kahn, J.M., Palmer, S.M., Spruit, M.A., Punjabi, N.M., and Sutherland, E.R.

The Effects of a “New” Walking Aid on Exercise Performance in Patients With COPD : A Randomized Crossover Trial

Vaes, A.W., Annegarn, J., Meijer, K., Cuijpers, M.W., Franssen, F.M.E., Wiechert, J., Wouters, E.F.M., and Spruit, M.A.

Short term and long term effects of pulmonary rehabilitation on physical activity in patients with COPD

Egan, C., Deering, B.M., Blake, C., Fullen, B.M., McCormack, N.M., Spruit, M.A., and Costello, R.W.

Age-graded reductions in quadriceps muscle strength and peak aerobic capacity in COPD

Spruit, M.A., Franssen, F.M.E., Rutten, E.P.A., Wagers, S.S., and Wouters, E.F.M.

On behalf of the TIME-CHF Investigators. Prognostic value of self-reported versus objectively measured functional capacity in patients with heart failure: results from TIME-CHF.

Spruit, M.A., Maeder, M.T., Knackstedt, C., Ammann, P., Jeker, U., Uszko-Lencer, N.H.M.K., Kiencke, S., Pfisterer, M.E., Rickli, H., and Brunner-La Rocca, H.-P

Physical activity monitoring in COPD: Compliance and associations with clinical characteristics in a multicenter study

Waschki, B., Spruit, M.A., Watz H., Albert, P., Shrikrishna, D., Groenen, M., Smith, C., Man, W.D.-C.,Tal-Singer, R., Edwards, L.D., Calverley, P.M.A., Magnussen, H., Polkey M.I., and Wouters, E.F.M.

Infections with mimivirus in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Vanspauwen MJ, Franssen FM, Raoult D, Wouters EF, Bruggeman CA, Linssen CF

Clinical highlights from the 2011 ERS Congress in Amsterdam

Spruit, M.A., Chavannes, N.H., Herth, F., Poletti, V., Ley, S., Burghuber, O.C., Clini, E., and Cottin, V