Ciro specialises in treating people with chronic lung diseases such as COPD and asthma, heart failure or sleep-related respiratory distress. Each Ciro treatment plan is tailored to suit the needs of the patient.


And we empower every patient to become a member of their own team of specialists to achieve the best results possible. This is how Ciro makes everyone a specialist in their own life.


A strong foundation

It is vital that we continue to develop and improve our treatment plans. For years, Ciro has worked intensively with Maastricht UMC + to maintain this foundation of high quality medical care. In 2010, the collaboration between the Proteion Home Foundation, which Ciro was formerly a full organisation, and Maastricht UMC + legally anchored in Ciro + B.V.



Ciro works with several hospitals to allow patients to follow their customised treatment plan close to home. These include:

  • Maastricht UMC +
  • St. Jans Guesthouse (Weert)
  • Elkerliek Hospital (Helmond)
  • St. Anna Hospital (Geldrop)
  • Laurentius Hospital (Roermond)
  • Catharina Hospital (Eindhoven).

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ISO: 9001 certified

We always strive to keep improving and reviewing our practices. In 2008 and 2015, Ciro was certified according to the ISO: 9001 standard. Since 2014 we have been certified to the NTA 8009: 2011 standard. This is how we maintain a conscious level of high quality care and patient safety.


Learn and improve on every level

With the ISO quality management system, we strive to offer patients a culture of security and trust. Centrally, we continue to 'learn and improve' at every level. This way we can guarantee quality and safety. This is also a very important part of the training we offer to all employees so we can stay completely up-to-date.