Our facilities

You’ll find the Ciro clinic located in the beautiful forests of ​​Horn with all the facilities to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Patients stay in single or double rooms furnished with TVs. And the Academic Sleep Centre always offers single rooms.


Training facilities and heated indoor pool

At Ciro we have a gym and fully-equipped training room. All devices can be adjusted to suit each patients' training plan. The heated indoor pool is always warmed to a pleasant 32 degrees to make sure exercises can be performed properly.


Brasserie Aubergine

You can enjoy all your meals in the inviting Brasserie Aubergine, if possible. It is also open to visitors from 07:00 to 19:30 CET on weekdays and from 10:00 to 18:00 CET on weekends.


Meeting rooms

We offer two meeting areas called the "Living Rooms" that are relaxing places to take a break in between specialised treatments. They are also a nice place to meet and chat with other patients.


Learning centre

Ciro has a spacious learning room for 100-120 people to attend our directional training sessions or for patients to take workshops. For externals organisations, we also regularly organise seminars as well as host Ciro Academy courses.



You can enjoy special Ciro activities about twice a week organised for patients in the evenings. After an intense day, it is good to take the time to relax.


Inviting forests

Ciro is located in a lush wooded area paved with paths that are accessible for people in wheelchairs or walkers to enjoy nature.



Access free WiFi throughout Ciro.


Parking spaces

You’ll find plenty of parking spaces at Ciro.


Visit our Ciro clinic

If you’re interested in our Ciro clinic you are welcome to visit us. To make an appointment call our Planning support at 0475-587 600 or email info@ciro-horn.nl.


See more photos of Ciro to see our special environment!