Sleep scan and treatment

If you have troubles with sleep, your general doctor or specialist can refer you to the Ciro Academic Sleep Centre.


We will perform a sleep scan to give us more insight into your quality of sleep as well as how deeply you are sleeping. Poor sleep can be caused by a variety of sleep disorders and result in fatigue and sleepiness during the day. Characteristics of a sleep disorder include episodes when you stop breathing, wake up at night, are tired and fall asleep during the day.


Academic Sleep Centre

The Ciro Academic Sleep Centre has the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment to conduct a successful sleep scan and offer the right treatment. In addition, our team of specialists will both diagnose as well as manage your treatment. If you have questions, you can contact them directly.


What happens during a sleep scan?

During a sleep scan we observe your sleeping patterns and record your breathing. We also monitor if your respiration is regular and uninterrupted. The analysis will monitor you continuously to help us determine if you breathe well during the night and keep a good level of oxygen in your blood.


Sleep apnea

Based on the results of your sleep analysis, we can determine if you have sleep apnea syndrome (respiratory arrest). If this is the case and your breathing stops when you sleep, we will conduct an additional analysis before you begin any treatment.

Learn more about sleep apnea.


What’s the plan?

The morning after your sleep exam the doctor will discuss the results with you. Together you can consider treatment options including, using a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device with mask.


CPAP device

A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device is an air pump with light pressure. It uses the air from the bedroom and transports it through the hose to the nose and/or mouth. A CPAP makes sure the throat stays open better at night. If you qualify for a CPAP, we will first conduct a second exam and check the correct setting for you. Then you can take the device home right away and begin using it that same night.

Two days after you start treatment, a nurse will contact you to answer any questions you may have. This way we work together to get the best results.