Personalized medicine

Every patient becomes a specialist of their own life, which reflects Ciro’s unique approach that empowers every patient in their recovery. In fact, there is no better summary of the scientific vision that underlies our approach. Read more of our foundation starting points.


As an innovative treatment centre, Ciro plays a leading role in the specialised and personalised treatments for people with complex lung and heart failure. For example, consider how we treat patients with COPD. And Ciro also uses this approach for people with other pulmonary diseases such as asthma and pulmonary fibrosis, as well as complex heart failure.

Traditional COPD treatment focuses on treating lung symptoms with medication. Doctors often use the worldwide GOLD standard of treatment. This divides patients into four groups based on their respiratory distress, current symptoms and risk of aggravation of the complaints.


A new way to look at chronic diseases

The classification based on lung complaints is too limited for many of our patients. Ciro considers this classification as the starting point. COPD is a complex disease that is not only limited to the lungs in many patients. It can affect every aspect of their lives. In addition, COPD is often present along with other conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetes or sleep apnea. This complexity requires treatment plans that look at the patient as a whole.

Starting point 1: A holistic approach. People are made up of complex biochemical, cellular, physiological, psychological and social processes.


Scientific evidence

Ciro bases every treatment plan on a solid foundation of the latest scientific evidence about how the disease process occurs.

Starting Point 2: Our treatments are completely evidence-based.


Customised treatment

Our patients benefit the most from tailor-made treatments that treat their entire body and mind. This approach leads to significant increase in strength and endurance, muscle functionality, potential for daily activities, coping mechanisms to deal with the condition and how they function in a social setting.

Starting Point 3: 'Personalised medicine'. Customised treatment is necessary.


The assessment

Before beginning treatment, we make a comprehensive list of everything that can affect the patient's progress of disease. Patients take part in a three-day Ciro assessment to test their endurance and power, meet with a nurse, doctor, dietician, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and a psychologist. The Ciro doctor considers the patient's own input and all measurable data to make a personalised treatment plan either at Ciro or one of our partnering hospitals.


More than a sum of parts

To offer customised treatments, it is necessary to provide ongoing collaboration between different specialty therapists. Ciro offers integrated treatments to make sure each patient is treated as a whole. Patients achieve much better results when every facet of treatment works together.

Outcome 4: Treatment is more than a sum of its parts.


Be a specialist of your own life

As they undergo treatment, patients gain greater insight into how the disorder affects their lives. They receive individual and personal guidance and an extensive educational programme. This approach helps patients cope better with their condition after treatment, and makes sure the progress continues.

Exit 5: Each patient is a specialist in their own life.


Additional care option

Sometimes patients need additional care and stay longer in the specially designed Ciro@Care department. The focus of the tailored treatment is — more than with other patients —  complex care and symptom control. Also, disease-based care is combined with palliative care. If a patient’s disease is sufficiently stable, treatment may focus on returning home or preparation for organ transplant or other treatment options.