Innovation and development

Scientific research is the foundation of our personal, specialised treatment plans.


Ciro researchers have worked intensively with Maastricht UMC + for many years. With this up-to-date knowledge, treatment doctors gain a much clearer understanding of how the disease can affect people in different ways. This knowledge is vital in helping them create customised treatment plans.


Research and treatment

In addition to researching how a disease progresses and affects different patients, Ciro also explores the latest treatment options. Researchers and therapists work together to keep improving the treatments and offer even more tailor-made plans.


Scientific publications

All treatments at Ciro are based on scientific evidence. Ciro researchers and practitioners publish in leading scientific journals and professional magazines.


P4 medical approach

Personalised, Preventive, Predictive and Participatory medicine. This is known as the P4 Medical approach. It lets researchers focus on short- and long-term quantifiable results. Ciro applies P4 to make chronic illnesses more predictable and ultimately, preventable.


Data Centre

The Ciro Data Centre collects all available data about the specialised treatment of chronically ill patients. We work with BIOMAX, our specially-designed knowledge management system, which also guarantees the utmost privacy of patients.

The data is examined and thoroughly analysed. We use this data to better predict the progress of a patient's disease and determine the result of our specialised treatments. This way we gain more insight and discover areas for improvement.


  • Learn about the latest scientific findings in the Ciro Academy’s resources aimed at care professionals