Academic Sleeping Centre

The Ciro Academic Sleeping Centre (ASC) was founded in 2009 and has become a well-known sleep centre in the Netherlands. The ASC was awarded 'top clinic' by the Apnea Association, the patient association for people with sleep apnea.


The ASC evaluates and treats the full spectrum of sleep disorders, with a focus on sleep-related respiratory disturbances, including:

  • obstructive sleep apnea
  • central sleep apnea
  • hypoventilation syndromes

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Patient Satisfaction

The Academic Sleep Centre is dedicated to giving patients with the best treatment possible and consistently ranks high in patient satisfaction. In 2015, we performed a satisfaction study on 50 patients after they took part in a trial placement of CPAP respiration. It focused on these criteria: general, admission, care by sleep analysts and doctors, accommodation, information on the sleep investigation, information about treatment, safety and discharge. The Academic Sleep Centre scored very well, with an average of 9.1 in all of these categories.


High quality sleep analysis

Our sleep analysis must be of the highest quality to provide the best treatment for Ciro patients. Each sleep expert takes the monthly Inter-Scorer Reliability Programme (Inter-Scorer Reliability Programme), which is provided by international experts. This way, sleep analysts make sure they can provide the highest quality. Ciro’s team scores well above the international average.


Ciro partnerships

The expertise of the Academic Sleep Centre reaches beyond the walls of Ciro. We closely collaborate with various disciplines of the Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC +), including the departments of pulmonary diseases, cardiovascular disease, CNS and psychiatry, as well as the Centre for Home Exposure Maastricht and various sleep centres.


Academic Network Sleep Medicine

Since 2016, the Academic Sleep Centre has been part of the Academic Network Sleep Medicine (ANS), along with Maastricht UMC + and the Centre for Sleep Medicine Kempenhaeghe. By collaborating together, the combined knowledge and skills in the field of sleep disorders are gathered in one place.

The cooperative network positions Southeast Netherlands as a unique expertise destination in Europe that specialises in sleep disorders and provides the best care possible for every patient with sleep-related conditions. In addition to providing the high quality care, cooperation in the fields of research and education are also foundation pillars of the ANS.


Centre for Home Ventilation in Maastricht

In cooperation with the Centre for Home Ventilation in Maastricht, ASC provides non-invasive respiratory systems to about 50 patients each year. It is targeted to patients with various hypoventilation syndromes and mainly sleep apnea.


Maastricht Study

The Academic Sleep Centre is closely involved in scientific research, such as the Maastricht Study. This large-scale, long-term study of the South Limburg population focuses on the occurrence, causes and additional diseases of patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus (diabetes).