Which patients are eligible?

According to the ATS / ERS Lung-Validation mandate, patients with chronic lung disease that remain symptomatic in spite of maximum therapy may be eligible for this intervention. This would include a large number of lung patients.


Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are not the only ones who benefit from long-term rehabilitation. It is also very beneficial for patients with asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, sarcoidosis and pulmonary hypertension. It has been scientifically proven that therapy makes a positive impact on symptoms, effort and a patients’ quality of life.

The criteria for referral to Ciro has not been defined, however lung patients with complex multidimensional issues are eligible for our specialised treatments.


Wide intervention — multiple components

Long-term rehabilitation is defined as a broad intervention with multiple components, such as exercise, nutritional advice, psychological support and education. Several paramedical disciplines work together to optimise the physical and mental condition of chronic lung patients. If a patient only receives a single discipline approach, we believe that treatment will not beneficial.


Some reasons for contraindication

There are some contraindications for lung rehabilitation. Severe orthopaedic problems, unstable heart disease, metastatic malignancies, visual and hearing disabilities and drugs abuse are reasons for rejection.


Stop smoking programme

A "stop smoking" segment is included in the modular treatment structure of the Netherlands Lung Centre. If a patient has been referred to Ciro, they don’t need to first stop smoking.